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Savchenko called false allegations of buying weapons

Савченко назвала ложью обвинения в покупке оружияSavchenko, the court said that the weapons with uncontrollable Ukraine Donbass could take out to check where it was produced.

Hope Savchenko said that he personally was not involved in the transportation of weapons with uncontrollable Kiev territories of Donbass. She said this on Friday, March 22, in court in Kiev, where he considers the question of her arrest.

“The weapons were transported, and I did not once transported, but at the end of the charge sounded that way. I didn’t even know what weapons were transported – all the Arsenal that you called,” said Savchenko on Friday.

She also said that the weapons could take out from Donbass to find out whether it was sold there from the warehouses of the Ukrainian security forces, where there have been large fires, or the separatists produce it themselves.

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