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Savchenko accused Poroshenko in the sponsorship of the Russian army

Савченко обвинила Порошенко в спонсировании российской армииThe MP has posted their calculations on revenues and expenditures of the Roshen factories.

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko wrote an angry post on Facebook, where he accused the President of Ukraine in paying taxes of the Russian Federation.

“The President of Ukraine officially paying taxes in Russia and passing the accounts for 2016, led 3.7 billion Russian rubles. It is approximately 822 222 222,22 UAH as dividends. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Unofficially, it is theoretically possible to withdraw up to 50-60% of the costs of the enterprise, 3 billion rubles is approximately 666 666 666,66 UAH for 2015-2016. So, the maximum possible amount to 6.7 billion rubles,” – says Savchenko.

According to Savchenko, LLC “Roshen” blocked 2013-2014 loss profit 2015. I.e., according to the MP, the tax base for calculation of tax on income not received, income tax 2015 is not accrued and no dividends were distributed.

Further Savchenko leads the private data for profit Roshen for 2015 and compares the income with 2016.

Supposedly, LLC “Roshen” in 2012 made a profit of about 91 million 625 thousand 108,45 UAH, in 2014 – UAH 84 million, and in 2015 – about 692 million 202 thousand UAH 339,33.

“Overall, paid in 2016, according to the results 2010-2014 642 139 of 107.00 RUB – about 142 697 579,33 UAH. Total dividends paid to the owners in 2016 841 million 566 thousand 585,33 UAH”, – says Savchenko.

“Given the declarations by the President of Ukraine declared taxes paid to the Russian budget 673 613 million 533 thousand rubles – about 149 million 691 thousand UAH 896,22. Completeness and timeliness of payment can only confirm the statement from the settlement account. That is, taxes assessed, but it is unknown – whether they are paid and in what amount,” – concluded the MP.

By the way, in the Declaration Poroshenko such amounts are not listed.

Savchenko also indirectly accused the President of sponsoring the Russian army.

“Poroshenko only with “Roshen” brought earnings with Russia at least $68 million and paid taxes in the Russian Federation ;12 million are known to ¼ of which went to Finance the Russian army. 12 million is, among other things, four of the newest Russian tank, or 24 million rounds for AK-74!!!” – angry Savchenko.

In conclusion, the MP concludes that the financing of the army.

“Not if the crime of the President of Ukraine to the Ukrainian people – the financing of the enemy to destruction of Ukrainian patriots? And shouldn’t the guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine to Finance the Ukrainian army for victory over the enemy? When Ukrainians ask the authorities for these crimes before the Ukrainian people?” – outraged Savchenko.

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