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Saudi energy facilities, refinery hit by Yemeni rebels

Yemeni rebels hit Saudi Arabian energy facilities and an oil refinery with a series of missile and drone strikes on Sunday, resulting in a temporary reduction of production.

Members of the Houthi rebel movement struck facilities belonging to the Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company – a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and the China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) – and other energy companies with drone and missile strikes. While civilian homes were allegedly damaged during the barrage, no casualties were reported.

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The Saudi Ministry of Energy said in a statement that the “assault on Yasref facilities has led to a temporary reduction in the refinery’s production,” though added that the reduction would “be compensated for from the inventory.”

Houthi spokesperson Yehia Sarie claimed that the “wide and large military operation” had been undertaken in retaliation to Saudi Arabia’s “aggression and blockade” against Yemen.

The White House condemned the Houthi barrage “against civilian infrastructure” in a statement on Sunday and accused the rebels of conducting “terrorist attacks with enabling by Iran, which supplies them with missile and UAV components, training, and expertise.”

“This is done in violation of UN Security Council resolutions prohibiting the import of weapons into Yemen,” said White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan, who concluded that the US fully supports its “partners” in “the defense of their territory from Houthi attacks.”

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