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Saudi Arabia has found a way to attract tourists

Саудовская Аравия нашла способ привлечь туристовTo get to Saudi Arabia will be easier.

One of the most closed countries in the world decided to open their borders to tourists. The idea of freely issuing tourist and business visas belongs to Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. By 2030, it plans to make Saudi Arabia more open to the world and not depend on oil sales.

From 1 April to visit the country of black gold and the Golden Sands will be able to attend. But at the moment of entry into the country still has a number of limitations. Yet Saudi Arabia is fully open only for citizens of the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. The rest of the Muslims need a visa — working or business. To date, no Muslims can visit the country only in transit.

It is noteworthy that in the country there is another interesting practice — visas to visit the largest Muslim shrines in Mecca and Medina are not given, but are drawn in a special lottery.

And here is another solution which can be considered a gender revolution. From the first quarter of this year, Saudi Arabia will allow women who are over 25 years old, to visit the Kingdom unaccompanied by male relatives. Previously unmarried women under 30 could enter the country only with her husband or brother.

But you don’t even have to mention that if you are not in a registered relationship and a girl not yet 25 years old, you as a couple to the Kingdom will not be allowed.

The Prince of Saudi Arabia has decided to expand the international contacts of the country and open its borders for tourists. The issuance of tourist and business visas should stimulate the economy in the framework of the project of Vision 2030 and make it independent from the oil business.

In accordance with the new rules, from 1 April, the visa will be issued to tourists and businesspeople from countries where it is not forbidden to go to Saudi Arabia. According to preliminary estimates, in the next 10 years the country should to visit about 30 million tourists. Already in 2020, the Prince expects an increase in tourism revenues to $54 billion.

A new visa will be of a badge. Its price is not yet known, but according to the initiators, it will be low, as the planned source of income will be the cost of tourists on goods and services, not the visa itself.

It is worth mentioning that Prince Mohammed Bin Salman intends to continue to modernize the country and to globalize the way of life of local people, directly dependent on sales of black gold.

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