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Sasha Zvereva shocked fans with intimate details of her home birth

35-year-old singer and fashion designer Sasha Zvereva — a mother of three children. In Instagram she often shares with followers the details of his life and personal photos. December 7, daughter of the singer Vasilisa was 13 years old. In honor of this event, Sasha has posted some early pictures of the girls and openly talked about how she was born.


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“That little creature always made this day special for me. I remember December 7, 2003 started for me at 5am, when I began to feel uncomfortable and to run more often than usual in the bathroom. We were out of town in the country. The morning passed just as usual. Then Putin’s Labrador puppies were born. We sat at the cottage, playing Uno. Played doooolgo, I occasionally ran into the bathroom “predicate” unusually Kameneva tummy. Then we gathered in 2 months var (our little friend with the courses for future parents born in October) came and went from the country to Moscow. On the road again Kameneva tummy forced me to catch up to the ceiling of the car, but I still pretended that nothing was happening. Ilya suspected me and brought on the road to our house. At home I’m so perehotelos somewhere else to go I occupied the dressing-room. Suddenly feel sick, and sitting on the floor of the restroom I felt the discharge tube. Uuuups!” — wrote Zverev (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

In the end, to visit Sasha did not go, her husband called the midwife. “Not having to enter the apartment, the Light looked at my face and turning to her husband, who helped with the bag, said: “This is birth”))) There, on the threshold of we are literally in 2 sentences, I realized that I don’t want to go. So quietly and independently I have lived my first baby almost 6 cm opening. Next was the fog. The fight turned suddenly into one uninterrupted. I sang his song on a high note and tossed on the bed. And then the Light suggested that I go into the bath. At this point I realized the magnitude of this difference: the land and water! In the water between contractions, mercilessly shot in my pervorosiyskiy body became clear, I became between them to fall into heroin Nirvana. This was enough time to rest and prepare to meet the next attack,” continued story singer.

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Zverev did not miss even the most intimate details and told subscribers all the moments of their first home birth: “I remembered the words of the Lights: it’s not pain — sore sick, and it’s a very powerful feeling! And with these feelings I swam, diving in and surfacing fight back. The bubble was intact to the last, nobody touched him, I think he snapped with the first attempts. Onslaught attempts turned my body into a vertical position. And I cried) I always cry with the early attempts) Always. I wanted to move the bearing-down period to tomorrow because, first, scary, and secondly, I’m tired to give birth here already)) I remember that unreal moment when passing through my body, down my “pioneer” suddenly made me much blush and gasp with pleasure. Vasilisa pushed some secret points that is imprinted in my memory childbirth as unrealistic sex and orgasm! I remember that new feeling, like something huge moving through you, moving forward is inevitable — whether you like it or not. When a child comes out of you — he is so cushy! Much warmer water and your hands. It is so soft! And so ugly)))) I looked at her and thought, even if she will not change and will remain the same grandmother ICOI a hooked nose — I’ll still love her more than anything! Vasilisa didn’t cry either) She was postracial and swarming in my stomach, I tried to look at me. After a couple of days it became clear that the girl is very beautiful! And leggy)) for Another ultrasound on the 22nd week in Tspsir the doctor told us the model of the future — feet long! I remember that night. 23:09 Vasya came into my world and made me a mother.”

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According to Sasha, this first experience opened in her joy and the delight of childbirth, which previously she thought was a terrible and bloody process.
“13 years ago, I realized that no blood, the screaming, the clang of tools, needles, prohibitions or restrictions may not be! This is the first time I feel that amazing positive orgasmic experience marked the beginning of the way of my thoughtful and awesome of motherhood. Since that day, December 7, 2003 I do nothing that “should” or “everybody does it”. As in the first birth I was floating in the stream of love and affection to my child, intuitively finding the right ones for the two of us the answers to the questions”, — concluded the singer.

Revelation Zvereva has caused ambiguous reaction of subscribers. Many felt the story of Sasha too personal and inappropriate for the publication on public display. However, mothers of large families were like-minded people who shared her thoughts and beliefs.

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