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Sasha Strizhenova told how he survived a boycott in school

16-year-old Sasha, the daughter of TV presenters Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy, often appears at social events and no longer requires the company famous parents. Sasha has already managed to try herself in the role of presenter and actress, as well as making progress in the modeling business.

But it was not always so. Four years ago, when Sasha was still in school, she experienced the hatred and envy of classmates. As Sasha told the magazine’s 7 days, she still can not forget the story.


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“One day in class I announced a boycott, I felt a kind of infernal hatred and did not understand what caused it. It happened four years ago. Because of the filming, rehearsals and performances with the musical, I occasionally missed school, and this is some terribly angered. Of course, I was worried it was a small children’s tragedy. I have always been the straight a student syndrome, it seemed to me that I have to like. But there was a girl who began to set up against me. I’ve got a million nasty messages on the Internet quote will not… And if in social networks was the flow of the mud in the school with me, just not talking,” he shared Sasha Strizhenova.

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To help young Sasha then came her older sister, who explained that there will always be people who will irritate the main thing in this situation — to behave with dignity. Sasha’s mother also supported her daughter and tried to prepare her for the negative reaction of others: “To you all life to cling to, saying, and you put a good rating only because the parents are known, and in the movie, your dad was on TV too, because my mom agreed! You just need to say: “Yes, I Strizhenova and proud of it!”

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