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SARS a second time: how to avoid complications

ОРВИ во второй раз: как избежать осложненийTherapists told how to be treated, if acute respiratory viral infection defeated the man again at that time as he recovered.

By itself, the diagnosis of SARS not as dangerous as the consequences that he may bestow upon man. A viral infection is effectively treated with simple medications, special diet, recommendations of the doctor and antibiotics are prescribed very often. But here, patients are able to hurt yourself, confidently believing that the virus needs to overcome the immune system and have to do nothing and continue to live at the same pace as before.

As a result of negligent attitude towards yourself and your health can become the hostage of SARS and sick immediately after recovery. It is a vicious circle, which sooner or later will lead to complications. In this regard, the doctors insist on the timely treatment to the specialists and receive necessary drugs on time. You should also worry about his immune system and all sorts of ways to try to strengthen it to other viruses are unable to knock the man down.

If you got another respiratory viral infection, although just a couple of days ago, recovered, then you can expect the following complications:

1. Diseases of the lungs and bronchi. The whole point of transformation of viral infections. In case when the immune system fails, the infection should be destroyed pharmacy antiviral drugs, as well as the abundant use of warm water. If this is not done and let the disease go, it would be bacterial. Therefore, the micro-organisms down deep into the lungs and bronchi, contributing to the development of pneumonia, bronchitis and other serious ailments.

2. Angina. When SARS sore throat may bother the patient just 2-3 days, if it gets to gargle, drink the appropriate pills, syrups and so on. But in the absence of treatment, infection is absorbed deep into the mucous membranes of the larynx and develops a sore throat with much more severe symptoms.

3. Problems with the nervous system. It turns out that a banal viral infection can cause harm to the health of the CNS. Again, in the absence of proper treatment. The patient with onset of SARS again can appear related diseases and disorders: sciatica, dizziness, partial loss of vision and hearing, neuralgia, rheumatism and so on.

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