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Sarika Andreasian pelted with penises (18+)

The answer was that Russian artists at the announcement of gunadala directed by Sarik Andreasyan that it requires the coolest art-makers, willing to work for a precious thank you from the Creator of the first domestic not-as-I-marvel superhero blockbuster “the Defenders”.

April 20, on his page on Facebook Sarik wrote the following:

Friends! At the end of may I will pitch in front of the big Studio producers in America! Given a month to prepare and I want to be prepared to look dignified. For this I need powerful artists making concept art and storyboards artists. The highest level which can only be in the world. To surprise the producers of such films would be difficult, but if we succeed, there is a chance that we will no longer about a great movie, but we’ll be inside. For the preparation you can not pay or will pay very little. Send your works on e-mail I’ll send them to art Director. If the level is, we’ll be in touch. Please repost!

Someone laughed, someone was indignant, but Tula artist Oleg Vdovenko proposed to distribute Andreasyan penis soap. Here I must say that Vdovenko — cool dude, and pretty famous, so his offer has grown rapidly into a massive, not very decent, but very carbon flash mob.

Here is some concept art that was sent Andreasyan from all over Russia.

Author: Igor Teifel

Author: Andrey Kirilyuk

Author: Fed Dark

Author: Vitaly Lukinskaya

Author: Mary D.

Author: Namir Jaron

Author: Yevgeny Ananiev

Author: Cid Highwind

Author: Yuri Ostapchuk

Author: Daniyar Of Kulibaev

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