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Sarah Paulson of “American horror story” ran into “Glass”

Perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that until the filming of the TV series “American horror story” this actress little known and now famous Director M. night Shyamalan does not hide the joy about the fact that he managed to lure Sarah Paulson in his new project “Glass” (Glass).

“Glass” in case you slept through a good half of 2017 and climbed out of the den just now, is that again, the sequel to the movie “Split” – shemalescom hit, in the final, which revealed that the movie is directly related to the film “Invincible,” which M. night filmed back in 2000 (read more about the relationship of these films can be read here). So “Glass” will play the actors from the “split” and “Unbreakable” which will be 42-year-old Paulson.

Incredibly fortunate to round out our iconic cast of actors on #Glass… @MsSarahPaulson will be joining us. #powerhouse
— M. Night Shyamalan (@MNightShyamalan) 24 Jul 2017

The plot of “Glass” while not given special publicity, but it is expected that the events will develop after the events of “split”. David Dunn (Bruce Willis in “Unbreakable”) pursues the man, nicknamed the Horde (aka the Beast from “Split” – James McAvoy). In the end, Dunn finds the Horde, but it interferes with the villain Elijah Price (a.k.a. Glass Samuel L. Jackson).

Also in the “Glass” will play Anya Taylor-joy heroine “split”, which managed to escape after meeting with the Beast.

For Universal work on the project Studio Shyamalan Blinding Edge Pictures and Blumhouse Productions Jason Blum. World and Russian premiere of “Glass” to be held in January 2019.

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