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SAP appealed the bail for Martynenko

САП обжаловала поручительство за МартыненкоThe Prosecutor’s office demands to arrest former MP with the pledge of 300 million hryvnia.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) on Wednesday appealed against the decision of Solomenskiy district court of Kiev, according to which the former people’s Deputy Nikolay Martynenko was released from custody on bail.

The appeal filed in the Appellate court of Kiev, reported in a Facebook SAP. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor demands to cancel the decision of the court of first instance and a new decision in which he asks to elect a suspect measure of restraint in form of detention for 60 days with the alternative of bail of 300 million UAH.

It is noted that SAP has appealed the short text of the judgment, as the full text of the judgment is available only in the last day, when it can be appealed.

Head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky said that from a legal point of view the chosen measure does not correspond to the gravity of the crime, nor pleaded risks.

“Also the whole country could watch offensive to the organs of the court and the prosecution of the show, which gave politicians and individuals in the courtroom, which is unacceptable and affected the objectivity of the judge. This decision was actually legalized the pressure on the court by deputies as a tool for encouraging the adoption of particular decisions, but rather limitations in the choice of a measure of restraint from the judge,” said Holodnitsky.

However, he notes that the guarantors in the event of an escape Martynenko faces a fine in the amount of 80 thousand hryvnia, “that’s not easy to recover, given additional guarantees of independence of people’s representatives”.

Recall, 20 April 2017, the NAB arrested former people’s Deputy Nikolay Martynenko and reported to him about suspicion in the organization of the scheme for the withdrawal of 17.2 million dollars from the state enterprise “Eastern mining-processing combine”.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office asked the court to arrest Martynenko two months with the possibility of release on bail of 300 million hryvnia. However, the court decided to release former MP on bail. Among the 21 guarantor – Ministers of education Lilia Grinevich, infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, youth and sport Igor Zhdanov, as well as the Deputy head of the CEC Andriy Magera, the people’s deputies Leonid Yemets, Georgy Logvynsky, Andriy Teteruk Nikolay knyazhitsky, Maxim Polyakov, Viktor yelenskyi, Elena Ledovskikh, Elena Masorin, Pavel Pynzenyk, Gennady Krivosheya, Vitaly Stashuk, hwich, Meparishvili, Viktor Kryvenko, Vitali korchyk, Elena Boyko, Vadim Pidbereznyak, Fedor, Bandurenko.

All guarantors are the representatives of “popular front”. Martynenko is a sponsor of this party.

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