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Santa Claus steals a single mother in a very strange Christmas TV commercial

Users of Runet wondering what purpose one of the Russian banks has released the epic and controversial Christmas video. The video appeared online on December 13.


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In the story, successful Moscow businesswoman kidnaps Santa Claus, which is rather like a serial killer in a new costume. Frost takes a woman from Moscow into the wild, binds her to him leads through the marshes, the steppes and brings to this despair. And all this in order to make the woman understand what happens in real life. In the final, he shows her a letter which he wrote to her daughter: girl asks Santa Claus to bring her to her mother who’s always busy.

The controversial video has caused rough reaction of spectators. “A nasty residue like a film about a maniac looked”, “I wish he video was shot as the same mother in the garden a nurse and works night shifts, takes in a hospital to a daughter to feed and rent to pay. and then — bingo — Santa Claus, now you and bogs still floats!”, “Yes, Santa Claus will tell you how bad you are mother,” sneered users (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).

The video has already received accusations of discrimination working women: “Well, how else a woman is unreasonable? The marker arrived, the child yelled in the car on the road from Moscow city drives, instead of the soup cook the child. No wonder that guy dumped her — my fault. But Santa Claus with a length of rope in the sense that it will now lead”.

Someone drew attention to the fact that the author was a man: “And I am not surprised that the author is male. Of course, all mothers are working just to satisfy their career ambitions. Most of them at work doing nothing.”

The Bank’s representatives explained that the work on the creation of the music video took months, and its creation was to attract the best specialists — for example, a top advertising Director Charley Stadler, and the recording of the soundtrack took part of the Bulgarian Symphony orchestra SIF309.

However, despite this, the Christmas story, presented by the Bank, the audience just didn’t understand, calling the film a story about the abduction of the collector of the mortgage debtor. And someone just asked the Bank’s Santa Claus to pull off one more Christmas miracle “of Santa Claus, let all the banks will forgive me my credits! Oh please… I been a good boy this year.”

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