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Sansa stark in a bikini (PHOTO)

Groom this girl ordered to kill her father, and then traded his passion to another. He was poisoned, and the girls find a new boyfriend, who became her husband – only this is the sick bastard who raped his own bride killed one of her brother and tried to kill another. And it ended up that our heroine alive feed this maniac dogs.

Welcome to the Zone Horror guys in the air our constant erotic section, where today our sticky look will affect young actress Sophie Turner (Sophie Turner), best known for the role of Sansa stark in the TV series “Game of thrones”. And, of course, just above we have briefly described the storyline of Sansa in this cruel fantasy show.

It is worth noting that before Sophie Turner starred in extremely modest photo shoots that, in General, conformed to the image of the “home girls” of Sansa. But you know better than us that even the biggest prude Hollywood sooner or later risk getting the camera lenses of the ubiquitous paparazzi. Here is Sophie relaxing with her boyfriend in Cabo San Lucas realized too late that their private love nest actually is not too secluded.

The resulting images can be seen as photocomics. Sansa-Sophie wears a bikini near the pool, where splashing her boyfriend. Then, it seems, the girl sees something – and the frame appears giant sized binoculars. Seriously, I thought that these binoculars are only funny cartoons!..

The perfect ending to this little story is a photo where Sophie and her boyfriend together and show the photographer the middle finger. Someone who raped – the question ultimately open. Let’s hope that Ms. Turner did not set on paparazii hungry dogs.

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