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Sandy “tornado” in Kiev. Video

Песчаное «торнадо» в Киеве. ВидеоSand vortex on the beach filmed patrol Maksim Alekseenko.

As reported by Beach patrol, 18 August at the “Venice” beach in Hydropark beach patrol Maksim Alekseenko is recorded on the video sandy vortex.

In English-speaking countries such atmospheric phenomena are often called “dust devils” (eng. Dust devil).

The origin of the tornado and the sandy whirlwinds are completely different.

If tornadoes develop from cumulonimbus clouds and gradually “stretch” the surface of the earth, dust vortices are formed directly on the ground due to the strong heating of the soil in hot weather.

Especially are such whirlwinds in the deserts. Usually there are not more than a few minutes. So if you got in the way of such a “mini-tornado”, the most important is to protect the eyes with the help of improvised means.

Sunglasses good. However, if you have a mask for snorkeling or glasses tight to the face, they are the ideal protection in the event of such a short-term element.

Also, if possible, it is advisable to breathe through a wet cloth. If the vortex is quite large, beware of flying objects that can injure.

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