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Sands considered the possibility of a repetition of the 90s “a condensation of paints”

Песков посчитал возможность повторения 90-х «сгущением красок»

Official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called hysterical manifestations of fears that in the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia will repeat the 90-ies. It is quoted by TASS on Monday, April 13.

“Just to exaggerate is not necessary, although it requires more attention. Fear has big eyes” — said Peskov, assessing such concerns.

Earlier, the founder of the company Alexei Zakharov expressed the opinion that the situation in 1991, when half of the population lost their jobs, may be repeated. According to his forecast, if the regime of self-isolation will last until the end of June, without a job will be 20-25 million citizens. “Already cut staff to the airports, airlines, infrastructure industry, the sphere of transportation. Are truckers, heavy transportation of Russian Railways reduced”, — quotes the edition “BUSINESS Online”.

Earlier Monday, the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin has defined the depth of the fall of the Russian economy due coronavirus: at the end of the year, GDP will be approximately five percent. According to him, the number of unemployed could rise from 2.5 to 8 million people. Earlier Kudrin admitted the fall in GDP to eight percent, as it was in 2009.

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