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Sandra Bullock played the lead role in a horror movie

Сандра Баллок сыграла главную роль в фильме ужасов The plot of the film is quite unusual.

Sandra Bullock (Sandra Bullock) is no stranger to diverse roles. Romantic Comedy, science fiction, thrillers and crime dramas – 54-year-old actress tried herself in many genres.

And soon on the screens out the horror film, in which Bullock plays a major role.

On Earth it happens something strange. People go crazy and kill everyone around him. This is what happens when people see something, but what is unclear. So anyone who wants to survive has to move with a tight blindfold.

The heroine Bullock tries to get to a safe place with two children. To survive she has, focusing only on hearing.

Also in the film starred Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich. The film will be released December 21.

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