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SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C is the perfect companion for smartphone and laptop

The whole world is gradually moving from multiple USB standards to the new single interface with USB-C. it has no competitors in terms of convenience, reliability and prospects, and even Apple acknowledged its existence, refusing all other connectors in their laptops.

USB-C is also widely used in modern smartphones – here he came to replace the outdated microUSB 2.0. No problems and adapter to connect to all this technology external drives, SanDisk has developed the Ultra flash drive USB Type-C connector include a USB-C instead of the usual USB-A. Such media yet are fairly rare, so SanDisk is one of the first to offer users a solution of this kind. We have the test version of USB drive to 16 gigabytes, but there are also versions up to 64 GB.


Packing and target audience

SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C is shipped in a small cardboard package and optionally placed in a bath of transparent plastic, to prevent damage. On the packaging there are many technical elements which will not interest the vast majority of users and is an indication of the maximum speed of operation – up to 130 MB / sec read when connected to USB 3.1 C. We’ll check.

Developed SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C, as mentioned above, primarily for owners of MacBook and smartphones with USB connector-C. our editors are used just like that. Also, the flash drive will be useful for those who have the iPad Pro, the latest generation – it is also installed such an interface. SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C allows you to quickly copy files from your smartphone or tablet to PC and back, but if your PC is USB-C, you have to buy the adapter.



SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C is made in the body of the slider, the connector is partially “hiding” inside it to avoid damage during storage or transport. The casing is completely plastic, but this plastic is used three different kinds.

The base body is a dark glossy translucent plastic on the bottom which caused technical information, including manufacturer name, storage capacity and serial number. The slider is made of plastic opaque dark grey color, too glossy. Finally, the upper part is made of matte rough plastic, stylized metal and received the appropriate shade. Looks very nice and, most importantly, original.



though it looks nice, but collects fingerprints. However, the inscriptions successfully disguise them, so no problems with them does not arise. Also on the main element of the housing there is a small eyelet for lanyard (not included) and carrying the stick on the stick with the keys. In its location the plastic has a characteristic thickening that nothing is broken.

The upper part of the slider, the same one that metal has a protruding portion, the stop finger, which simplifies the process of extension of the connector. Also Matt smooth surface with a rough texture gives great grip, the finger. The USB connector-C reinforced plastic insert on the end prevents it from excessive wear.

The slider mechanism is smooth, do not need to exert extra efforts to discover the stick. At the same time in the extreme positions it is very securely fixed – just move it will not work, you will need to put a little pressure on the top of the body. This is done to ensure that the flash drive is spontaneously disclosed in his pocket and, on the contrary, was not closed when you try to connect it to a computer or mobile device.


Connecting to a computer and measuring speed

SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C is by default formatted to NTFS, and the user has only 15 GB out of 16, which is very good. In the root directory of the stick lies brand SanDisk app for Android smartphones and instructions on its use.

Speed SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C was tested on a PC running Windows 10 and when connected to the USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1. In the first case, the speed expected was low due to the fact that USB 2.0 has long been outdated. In this mode, the flash drive issued 30 MB / sec read and 22 MB per second when writing.

Connected to USB 3.0, the drive is fully opened, the reading was up to 119 MB/s and was recorded at 35 MB/s Results for USB 3.1 a little better – 131 MB/s when reading and 40 MB/s when writing, so stated by the manufacturer parameters correspond to the reality.


Connect to your smartphone

SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C has been tested on several Android smartphones, including BQ Aurora Max and Xiaomi Mi 3 running Android 7 and 8, respectively. On all devices the thumb drive was determined immediately and was available from all the installed file managers – files passed through them in both directions without any difficulty.

Distribution in the root directory was an Android app MemoryZone SanDisk’s signature SanDisk file Manager with an extended list of features, advanced interface, and the easy sorting of all files as on a flash drive or on the internal memory of the smartphone category. The program is very easy to learn, besides, its interface is fully translated into Russian language, so the complete instruction you need.

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