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Sanctions banks, “the Vikings” three problems of the Crimea

Санкции, банки, «варяги» – три проблемы Крыма

What hinders the development of business in the Crimea? Atfirst, sanctions against Sevastopol and Republic of Crimea. Everyone knows about the sanctions against Russia, which significantly restrain the development of Russia’s economy. But not everyone knows about individual sanctions against Sevastopol and Republic of Crimea.

We just want to spread those sanctions that have been imposed against Russia and was revoked specific sanctions against Crimea and Sevastopol. For example, our company in previous years was among the five leading exporters of Ukraine by its HS code (this is the electrical machinery), supplying their products including in EU countries. Now we are deprived of such opportunities (even for delivery to Kazakhstan affect sanctions against us) and we were advised to move production from Sevastopol on the territory of continental Russia. But this shift will have the opposite result – it will help not the development, but the braking industry in Sevastopol.


Also before us was often visited by business partners from a number of countries, we participated in international exhibitions, promoting their products, but now because of sanctions against Crimea and Sevastopol is also impossible. This is a hindrance to development. After all, if marketing is limited, and limited financial contributions. And if limited financial income, it means limited opportunities for development and competitiveness.

Secondly, in Sevastopol and the Crimea are not working the main Russian banks, suppliers, major manufacturers, etc. That creates objective conditions for the growth of the cost of respective services and products. A rather strange situation, when major Russian companies (including banks) refuse to work on the territory of Russia – Sevastopol and Crimea, thereby indirectly affirming that they do not recognize the territory of Russia.

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And the third reasonhindering the development of industry and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, Sevastopol and Crimea — the vast majority of heads of city structures, and not even high level, are visitors from mainland Russia. These people don’t know what industry in Sevastopol existed, what products and what level are produced, which of the existing Sevastopol may boost the development of industry and competitiveness. These people came to Sevastopol with their already established ideas, with their experience gained in other regions with your connections. Naturally, this professional Luggage people use in the new environment.

This is not so innocuous as it seems, and sometimes it is clearly a negative result. As a visual and illustrative example is the experience of our company. Our company in previous years has supplied its products (this is a high-tech electrical machinery) exports, including EU countries. It is well known that with Russia and other CIS countries to the EU exports mainly raw materials or semi-finished products with a low degree of redistribution. Once our products are in high-level processing were exported to EU countries, means we produce high-tech products.

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However, our products, which in previous years were widely used including in Sevastopol appeared, starting in 2014., not popular in Sevastopol. In Sevastopol for the budget over the past 5 years purchased 4 pieces (!) our products, despite the fact that similar products (by the way, our inferior on the whole range of consumer properties) collected on the mainland of Russia from the Western European components, are bought in Sevastopol for the budget in the amount of 100 annually. This situation seems absurd and needed to be replaced.

It was the opinion of the Director of “Heat transfer” Vitaly Baron

May 21, 2019 will be held an enlarged meeting of the RF CCI Board industrial development and competitiveness of the Russian economy in the city of Sevastopol in the hall of the Admiral hotel Sevastopol (Crimea, Sevastopol, Nakhimov Avenue, 8). Beginning at 14:00. Accreditation of mass media – [email protected]

According to the materials of MEF

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In the photo: Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Ovsyannikov, the Governor of Sevastopol. (Alexey Chaly accused the Governor Ovsyannikova in the creation of the OPG. )

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