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San Francisco has become a cesspool

Сан-Франциско превратился в помойку

Dramatic post published in his blog, the lawyer of Yulia Nikolaeva living in America.


“Be upset. Beautiful, loved San Francisco turned into an absolute dump, and the quality of life and the surrounding area dropped significantly. The streets of downtown is flooded with homeless, mostly drunk or stoned.

The sidewalks the block of tents, shopping carts with belongings of their inhabitants and people in sleeping bags. Underfoot – used syringes, condoms and feces, including human. The stench of stagnant urine punctuated with the smell of marijuana. Pure hell.

And all this at unbelievably high prices for everything – gasoline, food, services, education, medicine and, most importantly, housing. Over the last 20 years, since the beginning of the hi-tech boom, housing prices that are already in Silicon valley and San Francisco was a teen, rose to incomprehensible heights. Barns built in the early 20th century can be easily sold for a couple million. For those who at the time of the heyday of the real estate owned, of course, the situation was a winning one.

All others, including fledgling youth and other first-time buyers (those who buy something for the first time, approx.ed), was in complete ass. At a salary of $120,000 a year, people can’t buy anything. Rent rolls – monthly Studio cost from $2000, one bedroom apartments from $3000 and we are talking about a rather mediocre housing, without the chic. The tax rate for the normal working person starts from 30%.

In return, he receives no-thing. Infrastructure is outdated. The roads are broken-down and did not pull sharply increased the density of the traffic jams become the norm, and eat a lot of time, nerves and energy. The most expensive gasoline. In the supermarket line because of the 15 offices are usually open 2-3 – the salary of the seller to live here has become unrealistic, it will not even cover the cost of housing.

So, sometimes, buying the apartment for a couple million dollars in the pricey area of upscale San Francisco, and leaving home to be on the stinking filthy garbage, standing in queues for overpriced food, sniffing fumes for months, forest fires, and, on returning home, find that there is neither electricity nor tied him hot water.

Сан-Франциско превратился в помойку

Now there will be a debate on the theme “it’s all the Democrats fault, but California has traditionally been a democratic state for several decades, but this nightmare never happened. The problem is the very specific people, incompetent managers business executives with adioznyh ideas about the causes of these problems and their solutions. And the political affiliation of these idiots – it is the tenth…”

PS C fdnjhjvром was agreed by all the many commentators of this post:

– Honestly, I can not understand how this is possible. How it was possible to this extent to fuck now one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The saddest thing is that the positive prospects will not occur.

– Yes, mine too was a favorite city. With the children all in San Francisco to live the impossible, because you go outside and someone defecates in front of you. Or are joyous naked men on the corner. The triumph of anarchy in which not know someone well. Except for those naked men.

And with the author, and commentators of the post strongly agree popular British video blogger Paul Joseph Watson (1.75 million followers). Unfortunately, the video is not translated into Russian, but there is one video will be enough for understanding what has become modern San Francisco was once a haven for hippies.



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