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Samurai cut each other to pieces in a 100-m film Takashi Miike

Takashi Miike at home in Japan was listed as the Director, able to put the work in a very short period of time and also adoring the ultra violence in the frame. In his movies in different directions flying arms and legs, and fake blood Squirting fountains. Fans of horror can see his name in such films as “audition”, “One missed call” and “the last will of the gods.” Additionally, Miike – Director very prolific. And the film “blade of the Immortal” acts as a commemorative of the 100th painting in his glorious career.

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This samurai action movie based on the eponymous manga authored by Hiroaki Samura, with a total of 30 volumes. In 2008 it was filmed anime, and now and feature-length adaptation. For her and released the impressive fresh video designed for a Western audience. And the PostScript “Red Band” before the word “trailer” gives you the opportunity to get a full idea of adrenaline fun that prevails on the screen. The premiere of the film in the United States is scheduled for November 3, 2017.

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