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Samsung will create a town for testing 5G

Samsung создаст городок для испытаний 5GSamsung is building a small town for testing 5G and Autonomous cars

This post reminds of the movie “the Reactivation of the matrix”. Where the needs of the extremely thrilling chase scene on the freeway was built over a two-kilometer stretch of highway, so you can safely remove the shots.

Samsung has decided to operate on the same scale. He built a test town in which the highway and tunnels, city, village and everything you need for testing Autonomous vehicles. In addition to roads, telecommunications infrastructure must be a key in which you can check how the 5G network. Samsung guarantees that the city will be available for professionals and companies of all sizes.

Samsung Electronics announced that it has signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of telecommunication technologies of the next generation with the Korean office of transport security Korea (KOTSA), which will allow you to launch fully Autonomous vehicles and networks that support them. Through the partnership, both organizations will build a telecommunications network 4G LTE, 5G and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) as well as the appropriate it infrastructure in a test city called K-City. “Creating different telecommunication networks, including 5G, 4G and V2X in one place, K-City will provide a real experience of the Autonomous driving for people and companies in the industry,” says Ben young Kwon, Director of KOTSA. “I hope that this test environment will be innovative and unique laboratory for industry partners and will ultimately accelerate the arrival of Autonomous cars”.

K-City consists of five test environments – urban and rural areas, city centre and motorways and Parking lots, covering an area of 360,000 square metres. With the advanced technology communication and modeling work area will reflect the actual conditions at intersections or in tunnels. It will also allow you to check out an accident or emergency situation that you can recover and repeat that will help to improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Samsung will create the key it infrastructure to ensure minimal delay in transmission of data and information security in K-City.

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) working on base stations will be tested. This decision is crucial to ensure instant communication between moving vehicles and allows vehicles to respond to unforeseen events.

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