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Samsung started to develop the Galaxy Note 10

Barely a month has passed since the announcement of the flagship Samsung Note 9, and the Korean vendor has already begun to develop his direct descendant. This may indicate that the Galaxy Note 10 does not show in the summer of 2019, but much earlier, because hardly Samsung require a year on the design of a mobile phone.

At the moment, the Galaxy Note 10 is at a very early stage of development, and it is too early to speak about its capabilities, although certain parameters can already be predicted: in particular, the device is likely to collect on not yet represented Qualcomm 855, and add to it at least 8 GB of RAM. Of course, not going anywhere stylus S Pen, which this year became more functional, plus, according to rumors, the smartphone will embed the module 5G, although relevant to the time of its release.

By the way, in Russia, the launch of the fifth generation networks at the behest of the government deferred until 2021. It is possible that Galaxy Note 10 the time of the announcement it will change its name to something new, but this is just a guess. As for the flagship S10, on the basis of which will be built in ten new Laptop, its appearance is expected in January of the new year at CES, 2019 in USA. The current Samsung S9 failed to sale, and his heir will surely get a lot of innovations that then move and Galaxy Note 10.

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