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Samsung showed the world’s first curved display with new technology

Samsung показала первый в мире изогнутый дисплей с новой технологиейThe long-awaited display technology on the quantum dot is gradually implemented.

27-inch monitor CFG70 has a 180-mm bending and is designed for gamers.

The world’s first monitor with a curved screen and ultra-fast responsiveness of the matrix.

Thanks to the technology of quantum dots model supports the accurate representation of the colors within 125% of the sRGB spectrum, and the index contrast ratio is 3000:1.

The design of the monitor CFG70 received the prize of the Good Design Awards Japan Institute of industrial design. Technology quantum dots (QLED) as one of the most promising in the IT industry of the near future. The light in such displays are light emitting diodes based on quantum dots.

In comparison with other technologies for creating matrices, the technology of quantum dots allows to obtain a higher brightness and contrast, and lower power consumption. Also, this technology is considered the most promising for the creation of flexible displays.

The pioneer trend is Samsung, but research in the field of QLED do other companies and research laboratories.

Until now it was thought that the inferior technology, QLED displays, organic led (OLED) due to the shorter service. Also it is often criticized for using environmentally harmful substances such as cadmium.

In Samsung does not comment on the lifespan of a die in the gaming monitor CFG70, but specify that the production monitor uses the cadmium, which ensures high ecological compatibility.

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