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Samsung released a minor update for Galaxy S10

Samsung выпустила минорное обновление для Galaxy S10Samsung has eliminated the main drawback of the Galaxy S10

What could be worse than the supposed innovation? In my opinion, nothing. The best example is the on-screen fingerprint scanners, which is equipped with the most modern flagships.

They are not only inferior to the physical modules provide security, but also fire much slower. Even ultrasonic module from Samsung was so imperfect that the developers had already after the fact to optimize its work, so it was a bit quick.

In the night from 11 to 12 April, Samsung released a minor update for Galaxy Galaxy S10 and S10+, focused on improving the performance of the fingerprint scanner. The company has long promised to organize the work of biometrics in the flagship devices and I think really kept their promise. This is supported by the users who installed the update. According to them, the display dactyloscopy began to work much faster than before, regardless of the geographical origin of the smartphones.

“Yeah, I can confirm that the scanner is now began to work much faster,” – writes portal user Reddit with nick SnakeOriginal.

“This is not an upgrade, and the holiday! – echoes the user Ohrenschmalz1. – It made my phone really cool. He reads the print so quickly that I don’t even have time to remove the finger from the screen so that it is not unlocked”.

Despite the fact that Samsung managed to increase the performance of the scanner, improve the protection provided by the manufacturer will not succeed at all desire. Unfortunately, even the ultrasound scanner, which Samsung called the most perfect method of fingerprinting can be deceived by a fake fingerprint. It is by example proved a enthusiast, respectable pattern of your finger on a 3D printer, which took him only 13 minutes.

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