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Samsung patented an unusual display

Samsung патентует необычный дисплейA new Samsung patent describes an unmanned drone with an integrated display, in other words — flying display.

Samsung is considering the possibility of creating an aircraft with displays that can interpret your gestures and eye movements and voice commands.

The patent, entitled Flying display device was filed in the United States in 2016, but was only two years later.

The display occupies a significant portion of the patented quadracopter. The description says that the device can be equipped with various sensors, including accelerometer, GPS, a positioning system based on Wi-Fi, gyroscope, motion sensor. The voice recognition technology will allow it to respond to commands.

The patent also describes “joint manipulator”, which can change the angle of flight and the “block detection”, which will automatically avoid collisions with objects.

The speed and direction of the drone display can be controlled by moving the head, eyes or hands.

According to journalists BGR, there is a risk that such drones could eventually be used for displaying personalized ads. “But we hope that soon we will not see the annoying flying displays around us,” the journalists added.

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