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Samsung loses battle with Apple

Samsung проигрывает в битве против AppleIn the last few years the competition between the two companies intensified

Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian white believes that in 2017 Apple will consolidate its leading position, while Samsung will have to work hard to win a place in the market.

In the last few years the competition between the two companies intensified, but now there are four factors that will help Apple in the fight with the main competitor.

1.The Failure Of The Galaxy Note 7.
2.The arrest of the head of Samsung.
3.The lack of solutions to Samsung flagship at MWC.
4.Presentation of the new iPhone. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Samsung in a deep knockdown. The company lost a lot of money: experts estimate that the whole story with the Galaxy Note 7 will cost $17 billion. Speaking of the recall flagship smartphone, white noted that, with the failure of the smartphone has led not only to economic problems, but above all, this blow to the image of Samsung.

The word “explosion” is very tightly stuck to the South Korean smartphones. People who don’t read (or read regularly) news from the world of IT, recorded in the mind of the stereotype: the device Samsung really dangerous, it is better not to buy.

Not accidentally, the South Korean giant has dropped out of the top 50 most admired companies according to Fortune, whereas Apple secured the first place. In the ranking of companies with the best reputation, the iPhone maker is in fifth place, while Samsung has slipped from third to 49.

As for the Vice-President and head of Samsung actually Do Jeene, he was arrested on suspicion of bribery and is now in jail. The investigation found that a top Manager of the South Korean company took the decision to provide financial support Choi sung-SIL — a close friend of the President of South Korea in exchange for various concessions from the authorities for a more effective business. This scandal undermined the reputation of Samsung, which has suffered from the history with Galaxy Note 7.

Also on the nose MWC 2017: Samsung is usually the center of attention with its new flagship smartphone. It was expected that this year the company will present the Galaxy S8 in the framework of the annual exhibition, but instead the presentation will be held a month later, and the launch of models scheduled for the end of April. This delay reduces the chances of Samsung to benefit from the remaining time before the September presentation iPhone 8 time.

Unfortunately for Samsung, according to the latest rumors, the next iPhone will be in every sense a revolutionary and probably the most successful device in Apple’s history. The new product will help Apple company to consolidate the leadership over the Samsung.

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