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Samsung is preparing to introduce smartphones with modern accumulatore

Samsung готовится ввести в продажу смартфоны с современными акккумуляторамиNew phones will appear in a year.

In November 2017, Samsung received a patent for battery based on graphene that can contain 45% more of a charge than current lithium-ion solutions. After several years of development the South Korean giant is ready for commercial implementation, say insiders.

According to industry sources, the first mobile device with a new type of power source can appear in the next year.

What gadgets Samsung first to receive the rechargeable batteries based on graphene, is not known for certain. Candidates for the role of a pioneer a little bit, because graphene battery yet are more expensive than lithium-ion. It can be assumed that the first to use them will begin in flagship smartphones. And then most likely has Galaxy Note 10, debut which will take place in late summer or early fall of 2019.

In addition to increased in comparison with a lithium-ion battery-capacity graphene batteries have several advantages. The battery level, which the traditional solution is reached in about an hour, they show after 12 minutes of connection to AC mains.

Despite the much higher speed of charging graphene batteries are less susceptible to wear. They are environmentally friendly, and is unable to explode. The last aspect for Samsung, obviously, has a special importance, since it is pyrophoric batteries become the cause of premature withdrawal from the production of phablet Galaxy Note7 two years ago.

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