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Samsung has patented a new method of recognition

Samsung запатентовала новый способ распознавания The company has patented user authentication in the palm of your hand

As reported by the Verge, Samsung has patented another method of authenticating users – by scanning the palm of your hand.

A patent is a 42-page document in the Korean language. According to him, this method will become an addition to the classic passwords.

Judging by the description, if the user forgets the password, the system will prompt you to take a photo of your palm with the help of the main camera. If the lines on the hands will match the ones stored in phone memory, the user provides a number of tips that will help him recover the password.

This is not the first such patent from Samsung. The company has previously patented a retinal scan, facial recognition, fingerprints and PIN-codes. Currently it is unclear whether the new methodology is implemented.

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