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Samsung Galaxy ventured to cut in half

Samsung Galaxy рискнули разрезать пополамBloggers have seen that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S8 not explode

Videoblogger Daniel and Lincoln Markham from the channel What’s Inside, along with Zach Nelson, known as jerryrigeverything once posted a video which dismantled and then cut in half fresh flagship Samsung Galaxy S8.

What showed?

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The new smartphone was subjected to the ultimate test, trying to tear off a display of powerful suction cups, otkovyryat it or just tear. The screen of the gadget succumbed not from the first attempt. The same is done with the back cover.

After that, the help decided to cut the flagship in half and see what happens with the device and its battery. During cutting the display device worked for some time, but then gave up.

And when it came to battery it started to smoke and swollen. But contrary to all expectations, that’s all that happened with the battery no explosion, no fire was not even youtubers had hoped and even made Galaxy S8 on the street.

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