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Samsung Galaxy S8 will know your face

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a lot of tools for identification — dactyloscopy and even the scanner of the iris. But it is clearly not enough, because it injects more and the facial recognition system, to surely distinguish the owner of the device from the impostor.

On the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is really too many sensors, so that among them there is definitely one who will deal with the recognition of the individual precisely in the face. The only question is, why such a serious safety, if it’s just an ordinary mainstreamy smartphone, without any claim to focus on the corporate segment. Perhaps this is done for the purpose of diversity, because not everyone wants to leave their fingerprints on the Korean servers, and certainly no one will want to hold the smartphone with iris scanner directly to the eye — it will look ridiculous from the side. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

That left only the option of face recognition, although from the usual PIN not going to give anybody. Official confirmation of the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S8 scanner individuals has not yet been reported, but the smartphone was not yet presented its preview scheduled for March 29, and in sale it will arrive only on April 28. However, insiders at Samsung have announce the testing of a number of prototypes that can indeed recognize people by their faces. We add that the fingerprint scanner in the S8 is located on the rear panel next to the main camera.

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