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Samsung Galaxy S8+ to repair is not suitable

The portal iFixit has already reached Samsung Galaxy S8+, although he had not yet gone on sale, and hastened to take it apart. Contrary to expectations, the cell is very strongly opposes the autopsy, and the result was that to repair it is almost not suitable.

At iFixit have a 10-point scale of repairability, and the new Samsung Galaxy S8+ earned only 4 points, although it is recognized that the latest IPhones are not received and 3 points. But, whatever it was, if you broke your S8+, then in some cases it would be cheaper to buy a new machine because the cost of repairs may surprise you, though very unpleasant. Inside Samsung Galaxy S8+ professionals found a lot of glue, but it is still to be reached, and this is prevented by glass panels made of reinforced glass, but still very fragile — drop-test they are not able to withstand. To break such panels in the process of dismantling of components of the apparatus simple.

Additional difficulties arise when you replace the screen due to its curved shape — to remove it not so easy, and, again, there is a risk to damage it. But, if you managed to get to the innards of the Samsung Galaxy S8+, then all is great, since almost all components are modular and easily replaced. S8+ and S8 Junior will go on sale in Russia at a price of 60000 and 55000 rubles, respectively on 28 April this year.

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