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Samsung Galaxy S8 tested

Samsung Galaxy S8 проверили на прочностьVideoblogger continue to find new insane ways to test smartphones for durability.

Recently, the experimenters checked with GizmoSlip, like the flagship Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel XL “survive” a meeting with a microwave.

The worst results showed Galaxy S8, which, after a five-second treatment and could not be included. However, other videoblogger — Scots Tennet”s Lager — decided to give the Samsung flagship a chance to recapture their positions. Enterprising experimenters decided to roast the Samsung Galaxy S8 in boiling fried oil.

First Scottish craftsmen have plated smartphone with a special coating to create a crunchy crust. Then the device was immersed in the deep fryer when heated to 200 degrees with oil and held there for exactly one minute. It should be mentioned that even though the smartphone is protected against water and dust to standard IP68, this rigorous test it is not designed.

That as Galaxy S8 coped with the test, look at the video.

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