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Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0

Samsung announced the smartphone Galaxy S8, but during the presentation only briefly walked through it with hardware, and in it, among other things, there are a lot of interesting. For example, S8 was the first smartphone in the world, endowed with Bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth standard 5.0 was passed very recently, just in December 2016, and today the corresponding chip is not present in any commercially available gadget. Even among the announced models to display Samsung Galaxy S8 such devices were not, so that the new Korean flagship distinguished. Bluetooth 5.0 significantly better than the previous revision with an index of 4.2. In particular, it is four times wider range and speeds him above half. Of course, with all this, it consumes far less power and is fully compatible with previously released versions of the standard. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will go on sale in Russia on April 28 at a price of 55,000 rubles, plus released version of S8+ large screen, estimated at 60,000 rubles complete with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. In other countries, the devices are 750 and $ 850, respectively, and buy them will be on 21 April, and in China and it will be available for modification 6-128 GB of memory.

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