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Samsung Galaxy Note7 officially back on sale

Samsung decided to return to retail their smartphones Galaxy Note7, which for three months of his life burned down several houses and cars and caused injury to dozens of people around the world. This time it’s serious, no rumors — cell phones-extremists are back in the market to continue the rise of the machines.

Will be sold restored copies of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 with supposedly safe batteries, Yes, but who would believe these stories, especially that Samsung has once deceived the whole world by releasing a second batch of these devices and saying that the problem of fire in them eliminated. Samsung Galaxy Note7 will go in the second quarter of this year in Vietnam, India and Indonesia, about the release in Russia, fortunately, there is no information.

In the future, the geographical distribution of explosive phones will expand, but for output devices into a new market is to ask permission from the local authorities and mobile operators. Samsung Galaxy Note7 was the most unfortunate smartphone in the history of mankind — from 4.3 million copies sold 97% of the owners had to return under revocable campaign in exchange for full or partial compensation. If the history of the fire Note 7 again, it will finally destroy the reputation of the Korean vendor.

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