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Samsung Galaxy Note7 back on sale

Surprise! Samsung has found a way to restore the financial condition after the fiasco with the Galaxy Note7! It simply will take and will return it to sale, and under the same title, and only the battery it will be less capacious.

We are talking about restored Samsung Galaxy Note7, and initially they will be sold only in India, then you can meet them in international retail. All mobile phones are based on the withdrawn Note 7 — they will repair, will be equipped with new batteries and sent to the stores, so we have a chance to buy not only the phone potentially explosive, but also used a potentially explosive phone.

Of course, most Samsung Galaxy Note7 were withdrawn from warehouses, but still. Release of the restored “Notes” will be held in June this year, complete with a battery of 3000 mAh instead of 3500 mAh. Naturally, all assure that the new battery is fully safe, but who would believe these stories, especially since so has been said about the second batch of Samsung Galaxy Note7, which eventually all burned down. The official reason for the explosions of smartphones — poor battery, and there is no certainty that the restored Note 7 do not stand the same battery, software and strangled to 3000 mAh. The cost of the devices, note, not reported.

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