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Samsung Galaxy J7 exploded in the hands of a child

Samsung Galaxy J7 взорвался в руках ребенкаThe explosion of devices that might have happened because of overheating while playing.

A resident of Pakistan, Naureen Asanas (Naureen Ahsan) belonging gave her daughter a Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) 4-year-old nephew so that he could play “My Talking Tom”.

But the game was “hot” and the phone suddenly exploded right in the hands of a child.

Fortunately, this time did without victims. But this case occurred in a very awkward time for Samsung, when the company is preparing the release of planshetofona Galaxy Note FE. And the last, as users will remember, was the restored version of Galaxy Note 7, an infamous string of explosions that caused it last year.

Naurin Asan do not know the cause of the explosion Galaxy J7 (2016). But made her after the incident photos show bloated battery of the smartphone and its charred remains. Therefore, we can assume that the explosion of the device due to overheating during the game.

Of course, this is just an isolated case. And we can hardly draw Parallels with the history of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy J7 взорвался в руках ребенка
Samsung Galaxy J7 взорвался в руках ребенка

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