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Samsung and LG is not exactly slow down their smartphones

Korean technogiant Samsung and LG made an official statement that in all the years the production of smartphones never deliberately slowed them. All this is done to further humiliate Apple, which recently admitted to slowing down of IPhones, which led to a barrage of negativity in his address.

Samsung and LG swear and swear that all their smartphones from top-end to budget, to operate at maximum performance, and nothing will force them to slow down, while the iPhone from the sixth generation, carries a special algorithm that reduces the CPU frequency over time as degradation of the battery. This fact was hidden for years, but Tim cook brought clean water, and now the truth surfaced, and Apple showered with numerous lawsuits.

Of course, this way Apple was pushing people to buy new IPhones, which from year to year becoming more expensive, and that was the reason for the scandal. But even this is not important: instead to apologize and change all the old iPhone battery with a new one, she just made a discount for this service in its service centers, but still it is much more expensive than unofficial. This is another proof of not the best relationship of Apple to consumers.

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