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Sam Raimi will start the series “50 States of fear”

When the Creator of “evil dead” again puts his hand to the horror, we immediately nanostream ears. However, it’s unknown for sure, what genre is classified in the series 50 States of Fear, but like the title suggests, isn’t it?

If you believe the resource to Deadline, Sam Raimi will act as the project architect, and home to the show will be the new streaming service NewTV, which is scheduled to launch in 2020. The Creator of the NewTV is a legendary producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, at the time led to the success of Disney and now head of DreamWorks Animation SKG.

Furthermore, it is known that the producers of the future of the show includes van Toffler (“Assholes”, “Summer 84”) and Tony Disanto (the series “Cry”, “Cub”).

What these guys can do together? What tells the “50 States of fear”? Or is it better to translate the name as “50 States of fear”? Let’s wait and see.

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