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Sam Elliott is going to kill Hitler and Bigfoot

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Talking about feature-length directorial debut of Robert D. Krzykowski, he also wrote the script pictures under the elegant title “the Man who killed Hitler, and then Bigfoot”. To produce the tape come from John Promotion, actor and screenwriter (he is the author of such classic horror like “Piranha” in 1978 and “Howl” 1980s). Well, the main role performed by none other than Sam Elliott, owner of tremendous curled up mustache, home of the Hollywood cowboy and all man wildly colorful. You must remember him, at least according to the movie “the Big Lebowski”. In addition, Elliott played characters in Marvel Comics, for example, Ghost rider in “Ghost rider”

So, despite the fact that the title of the tape Krzykowski, it would seem, set out the whole story, we still write the synopsis in more detail:

The film tells the story of legendary American veteran named Kelvin Barr. During the Second world war, he participated in the fighting and, moreover, killed Adolf Hitler. Now the hero lives a quiet peaceful life in New England and does not advertise its merits. However, the country once again calls on the soldier to duty. Contact him the FBI and the Royal canadian mounted police to hunt down and destroy the legendary Bigfoot, as the creature hiding in the depths of the canadian forests, is a carrier of the disease, which can lead to exact a terrible and deadly epidemic.

Hey, that sounds pretty good! Adequately funny, weird and dashing!

So let’s wait for details about this project. Shooting “the Man who killed Hitler, and then Bigfoot” will start in August this year on the East coast of the United States.

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