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Salt found dangerous foreign element

В соли нашли опасный инородный элементExamples of product were taken from the manufacturers from 16 countries.

Producers from 16 countries have provided product for the study. The most dangerous were supplements from Asia.

South Korean scientists analyzed a few samples of ordinary table salt. In 36 of the 39 they found microplastics.

Stone and sea salt were also represented among the samples and marine debris was more – 1674 kg.

In General, the greatest content, the micro-plastic was identified by scientists in salt, arrivals from Asia – Indonesia “gave” for research 13629 particles. Research data published by the portal ACS Publications.

Previously, scientists were able to debunk the myth about the dangers of salt. Canadian researchers revealed that drinking a moderate amount of product useful for the cardiovascular system. The study involved over 90 thousand people from 18 countries.

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