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Sakvarelidze met with applause at the airport

Сакварелидзе аплодисментами встречали в аэропортуIn Kiev airport “Zhulyany” David Sakvarelidze met party members and ordinary citizens.

In the night of Friday, returned to Ukraine ex-the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the representative of the party “movement of new forces Mikheil Saakashvili,” David Sakvarelidze.

“I want to say a huge sincere thank you to my friends, followers and all the people who came today to the airport to support me and our entire team! Thank you for your participation and willingness to work together to continue the struggle for the bright future of our beautiful country! Time paremoremo!”, – posted by D. Sakvarelidze on his Facebook page on Friday.

In addition, at the airport he said that Saakashvili was treated unfairly, however, the ex-President of Georgia intends to return to Ukraine and to continue the political struggle.

“Mikhail (Saakashvili) did what you do with Ukrainians 25 years. Did with him as with an ordinary Ukrainian (…) therefore, I think it emphasizes once again that Michael has taken the right side. He was on the correct side of ordinary people (…). He stayed on our side. Our struggle just continues. Let’s start working and fast return of Michael in a few days to Ukraine. Thank you all. It’s only the beginning. Together we will win,” said former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

He stressed that Saakashvili will come to Ukraine on Ukrainian passport.

“It will meet, probably thousands of times more people than now, because to come or not to come Michael does not solve (…). This solves the Ukrainian people. If the Ukrainian people decide that he should come, he will come (…). Ukrainian passport he will call, and will stay and fight to the end how to fight simple Ukrainians”, said D. Sakvarelidze.

Answering a question of journalists about their own situation, ex-the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine expressed confidence in their actions.

“Let them decide, I’m not going anywhere. I’m ready for any scenario. We all make manly. Ukrainian. Leather (…). Let’s move on. Probably not on the ran. I think the pen and signed, these orders can’t stop us”, he concluded.

Earlier in Kiev airport “Zhulyany” announced the fire and asked to leave the building pending arrival of David Sakvarelidze.

“At the airport “Zhulyany”, which should arrive David Sakvarelidze in 20 minutes, announced the fire and asked to leave the premises. We came to meet David. Wait” – said in a statement on the party page on Facebook in the night on Friday.

As reported by D. Sakvarelidze said that he could not be let into Ukraine when he was in the night of Friday, will arrive at the airport “Zhulyany” (Kiev).

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