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Sailed: in the Mausoleum “came to life” Vladimir Lenin

Приплыли: в Мавзолее "ожил" Владимир ЛенинThe authenticity of video was confirmed by the American scientists who study paranormal phenomena

Released video of the mysterious Mausoleum where the chief lying in the sarcophagus, raising his left arm, he pulled his body forward and falling back.

Initially, no furor the movie has not made many thought it is a regular installation and special effects, but examine this video decided the American researchers who have been looking for confirmation of numerous information about what the Kremlin ghosts of the former rulers of Russia, the most “common” just the Ghost of Lenin.

Specialists in paranormal phenomena was amazed with the results. According to them, when the study of records they couldn’t find even a hint of montage. “No overlay layers, dobruski, inserting frames, and the like. Moreover, the numbers of the storyboards and time “running” at the top of the screen, 100% corresponds to the standards used by the cameras in the Mausoleum,” said they.

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