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Sailed! Black caviar in Astrakhan imported from China

China has become the undisputed market leader in this delicacy

Irina Ziganshina

My husband even found a time when domestic caviar you can buy for sane money and shop on the market. Yes, it was quite expensive for the ordinary Soviet citizen, but they say “on holiday” or a gift jar grainy could afford many.

Then times changed, the eggs disappeared, and if sold, under the counter and purchased from Astrakhan poachers. Well, the famous phrase Vereshchagin “Again this caviar!” from “the White sun of the desert” remember everything. Then she re-appeared, but it would be better not there is outrageously expensive.

And here’s a new twist on the caviar theme. It seems that in the near future, black caviar will lose their status as a delicacy, becoming available to many. Only if the earlier egg-bearing producers being Russia and Iran now will take their place…

Of course China!

This is what the journalist writes Josh Owens on the website

“Black caviar is marked “Made in China” flood the market to such an extent that prices fall and delicacy can become commonplace.

Whatever you called, and caviar is fish eggs, and these fish eggs are bred in China in huge volumes. Increasingly, they are obtained from females in Chinese fish farms and all at a lower price. This has led to the increase in the volume of export of caviar from China more than five times for the period from 2012 to 2017, according to Wall Street Journal.

In a sense, China has filled the void when the population osetinakh breeds in the 1990-ies was on the verge of extinction. And just at a time when Russia and Iranawila almost all sturgeon in the Caspian sea, China began to raise the fish on their farms.

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Now only one Chinese company (Russian-English, notice the name!) Kaluga Queen produces a third of all black caviar in the world. This year the production volume will reach 100 tons. Moreover, the course is not only eggs, but and fillet of sturgeon fishes and their skin (sturgeon, among other things, is also the skin) for the needs of leather goods.


Moreover, the Chinese caviar is not just for export: China Dailyсо to the Chinese Association of sturgeon, said that by 2020 the Chinese will consume 100 tons of caviar per year, which represented one third of the total volume of this product worldwide. In addition, the Chinese have significantly brought down the price on it: today, one kilogram of caviar costs an average of $276, which is two times cheaper than in 2012!

Surprisingly, the caviar from China is considered very high quality, despite the past scandals associated with the quality control of food products, manufactured under the brand “Made in China”. There was meat, soaked with bleach, and Apple juice with anti-freeze, and pine nuts, unfit for human consumption. Despite the low level of confidence in Chinese food products, the US imported black caviar in the amount of 17.8 million us dollars in 2018, compared with 7.6 million dollars in 2014. Moreover, about half of imports come from China, which forced many American manufacturers to lower their prices on eggs by 25%.

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Experts predict that the world market of black caviar will grow by an average 5.8% over the next five years, reaching $ 500 million in 2024, compared to 360 million dollars at the present time…”

Iran, for its part, plans to try to catch up with China, while Russia in this article were not even mentioned.

Experts believe that both we and the Iranians, almost all sturgeon catch in the Caspian sea, missed the point to create a network of farms for artificial breeding of sturgeon. But such farms appear now around the world, from France to the USA, and catch up with them, and Russia and Iran are unlikely to succeed.

One of the Russian commentators of this material, by the way, recalled:

Pine nuts will be the same. There just need more time, but China is able to plan and wait. Decades. At one time the Chinese drove up the price across Siberia on the cedar nut. The main condition was: nut not roasted, raw. Bought tons of it. Now in the North of China smashed and broken “pine plantation” with a view to grow hectares of cedar forest. Including to collect nuts. Over time…”

Another of our compatriot Dmitry Chernikov, led an even more interesting example, very well describing the features of domestic business:

In SPb gorgeous Chinese eggs worth 19’000 R/kg wholesale. Astrakhan was taken, carried to Astrakhan and pushed her in there for 35-40 Tr.)) Sturgeon, Chinese m carcass all 10 + kg Russian dead 3+ and is worth twice the price...”

So Bon appetit!

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