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Safe New year: things not to forget

Безопасный Новый год: правила, о которых не стоит забыватьNew year’s eve to be ready for injuries, burns, cuts and other health problems.

New year’s eve all look forward to and hope for a miracle, but sometimes it is marred by various injuries.

Every year in emergency rooms for the New year come hundreds of people. They diagnosed burns from firecrackers, sparklers, fireworks, candles, as well as cuts and other injuries on drunken head.

Fire safety

Many homes put artificial Christmas trees and adorn them with garlands. In any moment a light bulb or wire can be ignited, and with it she green beauty, decorated with tinsel. Moreover, the Christmas tree is usually put near the sofas and curtains, so the chances of a fire are doubled. Therefore it is very important not to leave without supervision the included lights and not to shoot from firecrackers, to the Christmas tree.

The same applies to home decoration candles. This, of course, very romantic, but the bulk of the fire in the night from December 31 to January 1 is the cause of the fire from the lit candles.

Sparklers. How not cool, and sparklers on the tablecloth, napkins, flooring and other furniture may fall sparks that can easily burn the surface and cause a fire in the house.


To burn from all that has been ignited in the New year, including from firecrackers, firecrackers, fireworks and sparklers. By the way, can hurt not only people but also Pets. So you should be very careful to use the Christmas “lights” only on the street and follow the clearly spelled out instructions. Dogs must be kept on a leash so they don’t ran over a firecracker and grabbed her, because such cases are not uncommon.

If you or someone in your family still burned, try to assess the situation and if the burn is serious call an ambulance. Do not use any oil solutions, burns best effect on the skin cold water.

Injuries and bruises. To celebrate the new year sober person is almost impossible, so the risk of injury increases, because, being in alcohol intoxication, the person is not in control of his actions, it may fall or strong impact. Support families if they had too much new year’s eve, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from others, if they themselves were too drunk.

Cuts and wounds. Unfortunately, mass intoxication can lead to serious consequences in the new year’s eve, enough two people are to divide and start a fight, well, if it ends with the emergency room, but doctors often do not have time to rescue the wounded and then the New year will be a terrible tragedy for the family. Try to avoid noisy companies and not to bring verbal sparring hand-to-hand combat, and even weapons.

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