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Sadistic Scientologists uporoto horror “Theta Girl” (VIDEO)

I want to share with you this bloody piece of madness! “Theta Girl” (The Theta Girl) — picture independent debut and, apparently, a little sick in the head.


Cool girl by the name of Hayes is fond of hallucinogenic drug called Theta, like all her friends from the rock band. But then friends Gacy brutally murdered, and she has to solve the mystery of this brutal crime and to protect themselves. She soon discovers a connection between the murders and drug Theta. Before the girl opens a horrifying truth: the world around us, and indeed reality itself — are not what they seem.

Director — Christopher Bickel. Screenplay — David Ex. And by and large that’s all we know about these guys.

With actors, things are slightly clearer. Victoria Elizabeth Donofrio lit up in the “Battle of Aiken”, Shane Seilman starred in the short film American Kensho: Manifest Destiny, Darrell D. Dove debuted in the movie. Who are all these people? Find out only by looking at the “Theta Girl”.

By the way, the word “Theta” is called the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, which in turn symbolizes the number 9. The term is used in many fields of knowledge, as well as… in Scientology. Yes, in the cartoon mythology one of the most notorious and popular in Hollywood sects a symbol of “Theta” is used to refer to thought as energy. That’s why I thought that the fanatical murderers in white shirt from the provided passage is the Scientologists. However, I could be wrong.

Anyway, “Theta Girl” was presented in October at the Atlanta film festival and received rave reviews. They say it’s wild, blood, guts and punk rock. So we wait, as the picture will show itself further. Her festival tour continues.

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