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Sad numbers — for sad times

Грустные цифры — для грустных времен

For once-beloved electoral masses national leader fallen on hard times. Evil tongues even rumored to exhaustion of a resource of trust. Many openly declare that the President was dishonest with the people and protects the interests of the oligarchs to the detriment of national interests of the country. The collapse of the Babylonian rating contributed to bureaucratic and edinorosskih coming autistic, wild, and just beastly comments are addressed to the common people himself, Mr. Putin is beautifully summed up in the following way: “it is Not necessary to wait for government support, it is necessary of course to use personal initiative and hard work on yourself will help. And to this I want you to call. We must remember the old Bolshevik song: no one will help us — neither God nor king nor hero”.

And generally, every Russian must set ourselves ambitious goals and are task to achieve which is nice: “In this case, you will achieve enormous personal success, and personal success of each is the success of the whole country.”

What is it: the success of the country? What is it expressed? And what country is that in the TV, or the one outside the window? Judging by the unhappy results of every single one of reforms and optimizations, we are still talking about the country, which demonstrates the Ostankino needle all completely grows, the ear, spawns, milked and built, as eloquent incomprehensible to the common man, but very comforting figures. Even the President himself tried to give the hungry for success and breakthroughs to shirnarmass a couple of mysterious figures, but then, as usual, screwed up.

At a recent press conference held for many, once sverhloyalna Putin, the Russians, under the motto of “niasilil mnoga bukaff”, national leader, among other things, stated that the salary plus 6.9 percent and inflation is four percent, and the unemployment rate fell to 4.8 percent, and the average pension rose to as much as 14 163 rubles. On the question of the reliability of this information, especially in real incomes, Putin said that understands the statistics, takes into account the dynamics over the past several years and understands how to work all of these statistics. Just his stats are good and Rosstat bad because some cunning techniques the experts tried to pull a breakthrough for a breakthrough, but still at the end get some kind of joyless nonsense.

Thus, according to Rosstat, GDP growth in November was 1.7%, though the MAYOR in the beginning of the year expected 2.1% and later lowered the forecast to 1,8%. Inflation accelerated to 4.2%, despite the fact that the purpose of the Central Bank to keep her at all costs at 4%. The number of people living below the poverty line has increased by 200 thousand people — to 19.2 million, or 13.3% of the population. Real income, meanwhile, fell sharply in November (-2.9 percent) and turned negative in annual terms.

Somehow not at all like promised getting up from his knees. What should in such a critical situation, to take the government and the “citizen, you done lied” in the first place? It is clear that at least sprinkle the head with ashes, to publicly repent of their incompetence, greed, narodnenovineno and go begging to their citizens, at least on the head in parting, not beaten. But these are not Putin’s eagles, which measures very original. To Rosstat does not direct shadow on the fence breakouts and jerks, ripe brilliant decision to dismiss the head of the Department — this is a pessimist and a whiner, which, of course, immediately make the real incomes of Russians “unprecedented rise”.

The same variety and the law prohibiting the electronic scoreboard (as well as any other media — billboards, stands, banners etc.) on which the specified currency outside Bank premises. No need sad figures to replicate from them bad thoughts in my head.

That is, some sixth sense effective Putin’s managers feel that their unremitting labors in the country are unthinkable, unreadable and neodobrenie the processes leading Russia in the direction of complete resource depletion, decay and death, but are mostly visual-of the fake character. Do they understand that the country, sorry, in the ass, not because its there, its dark figures drove Rosstat and stands with exchange rates, but rather the numbers because and murderous, that the country in the ass? Probably, you know, not really, they are out of your mind. Do they realize that people are beginning to guess where it is and whose efforts he in this unpleasant place I got? Apparently, Yes. Are you going to do something to extract the state from the depths of the crisis, but to deny all the sad figures in the public domain? That’s really unlikely. Will just goof off and procrastinate until it stretches, and there maybe, probably and somehow, in our century will suffice, after us the deluge. Although the first and the last blessing to those who are perishing under the leadership of greedy incompetence of the country would be caring, peaceful and lawful, because so very many Russians in the magical new year’s eve want to hear from a national leader cherished words “I’m tired, I’m leaving.”

And knowing that now power is the group of favorites, which drove the people of the richest country in the world to the brink of survival and to correct this situation is not going (for it is not in order it it for years created), continue to do nothing, be silent and hope that the poisonous fruits of Putinism somehow themselves will resolve, is impossible.

CEO” rel=”nofollow”>Center for scientific political thought and ideology, doctor of political.N., D. Phys.-math.N., Professor S. S. Sulakshin and his associates have created a unique Program of transformation of Russia, saving her from Putin’s misery and degradation. And” rel=”nofollow”>a new Draft Constitution aimed at a valid reconstruction of the country, where there’s no will need from their people to hide the depressed numbers of decline and collapse, because the figures will be quite different: open, honest, inherent in growth, not decline, inspiring pride and joy for real, and not imaginary successes of the Fatherland.

There is no doubt that Putinism, hiding their own “achievements,” will leave behind such Augean stables in all areas that will have the whole world long and hard to dig. But there is nothing impossible for Russian people United by a common idea if he would understand, what struggles, what works, what he wants and how he sees the future of Russia.” rel=”nofollow”>And to understand, we must read, listen, argue, ask questions, think — and Yes, to dream is also necessary. All of us and each of us still have to work hard to looted, humiliated and deceived Russia again became a great Russia — a successful, fair, moral, sovereign and respected in the world what it should be.

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