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Sacred elements of the campaign

Сакральные элементы агитационной кампании

All the professional patriots on national television and not only in recent years about the victory parade and the “Immortal shelf” as they say about the saints and sacred for most citizens of the country things.

And I do not rule out that some people feel about. Those who still live in the families of veterans, for example.

So there is some sad irony in the fact that this year all these things turn into element of the campaign for the nullification of the terms of a particular person.

Can buckwheat to hand, and it is possible to hold a parade and then all send it to the seven-day voting. Possible concert with Oleg Gazmanov and group “lube” to arrange in honor of “winning the vote”, and you can mark this case with a March “Immortal regiment”.

I suppose that for people who genuinely matter on may 9 and everything associated with this date, what is happening now is offensive.


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