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Saakashvili can’t find near the Parliament

Саакашвили не могут найти возле РадыAccording to one version, the politician fell ill.

The leader of the party the movement of new forces, Mikheil Saakashvili gone. About his whereabouts I do not know, nor his associates, nor the lawyers, nor the protection of the tent camp near the Parliament.

According to the publication, the camp representatives of the defense and the coordinators of the scene, said Saakashvili on 7 December did not see. Notice of the leader of the movement new strength in the tents failed.

Lawyers and representatives of the movement new forces suggested that Saakashvili may be in the camp, but noted that his own was not seen on the phone did not communicate with him.

The people’s Deputy Yuri Derevyanko in the morning, said the last time he saw Saakashvili about midnight, when, after the air has stopped in a tent camp after the broadcast. As of 14:00 he added that he is in Parliament, and with my colleague in the movement of the phone did not communicate.

Derevianko also noted that Saakashvili’s deteriorated condition.

“The account is healthy or not, I’m not sure, because yesterday he did not feel very well,” said he.

Version disease Saakashvili confirms the channel NewsOne. Not the camera people near the Parliament told that a politician is ill.

One of the lawyers of Saakashvili Ruslan Chernolutsky assured that Saakashvili hides from no one, despite the fact that receives threats, but to say where he is now, could not.

“He is ready to cooperate with the investigation, he does not shy away, he is not a fugitive from custody did not run away, because he had no procedural status. Can’t comment on where he is, where he was the night before, because today it is not seen. Yesterday I saw”, – the lawyer added.

According to him, yesterday, Saakashvili was not in very good condition.

“His health has deteriorated. Apparently, he had a cold. But this condition is “on his feet”. He says he can give explanations, to sign the documents”, – assured Chernolutsky.

At the request to call and ask exactly where Saakashvili is now, the lawyer said

“If I can (call – ed), we just do and contact in extreme cases. I emphasize again: he ran away, not hiding. He has a bad condition, a person can rest, he’s stressed like this very serious. All day yesterday he was in the tent, and I personally saw him in such an uncomfortable position, clothing, just rested, slept,” concluded Chernolutsky.

Press Secretary of RNS Mariana Pochtar said, “the Only thing I know that he is constantly in the camp”.

At the same time the Deputy from the popular front and the colleague of the Minister of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko on air of the channel NewsOne reported that on the morning of Saakashvili “for the second time broke into a Kiev hotel to take a shower somewhere someone in the room, but he was not allowed”.

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