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Ryuhei Kitamura got into the zone of fire

Japanese Director Ryuhei Kitamura has gained world-wide fame even before the world was struck by j-horror epidemic. Not long before the remakes of “the ring” and “the Curse” Kitamura released zombie action game “Confrontation” (2000), and several years later went to conquer Hollywood.

In the United States Kitamura directed several notable paintings, in particular “Midnight Express” (2008) and “no survivors” (2012). And then some time on Ruhee nothing was heard. And finally, Kitamura returns with a new Thriller.

The picture is called “Downrange”, which can be translated in different ways (for example, “Descent”), but based on what we know about the plot, the most appropriate translation of the movie title is “the Zone”:

Six students from the College go through the country, when one of the tires of the car did not burst on a deserted country road. Going out to fix the damage, they soon realize that the incident was no accident – the tire was shot. Now invisible sniper attacks caught him in the sight of young people.

The film’s budget is not large (of the order of a million dollars, according to some reports), but this is the idea. Sam Kitamura said that he wanted to tell the story in a new style, minimalist tense Thriller:

The constant feeling of fear and an undercurrent of breathing in an unusual place – what drives the whole plot. We have created a film, which grows unrelenting horror, and very happy to share it with fans of horror and suspense around the world.

The film starred a not very well known actors. Allot of caste can, perhaps, only two names – Alex IAMS starred in the series “Ancient”, and Graham skipper managed to play in a number of genres, indie films, and even appeared in a musical based on the horror movie “Reanimator”.

The world premiere of “Zone of fire” is expected in early 2018.

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