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Rust returned to Steam almost 330 000 times

Rust вернули в Steam почти 330 000 разThe developers have lost more than 4 000 000 dollars.

Despite the upbeat start, the Rust was still one of those “vyrovshchikova” who drowned in an endless swamp of “Early access”. But there is a positive side: we can tell how many users do not have to put up with the sorry state of the game and chose to take the money.

The statistics revealed the head of Facepunch Studios Garry Newman (Garry Newman). According to the developer, the Rust returned 329 970 times. In monetary terms this is equal to 4 382 032 US dollars. Note that now in Steam’s summer sale with increased buying activity, so the current performance is clearly higher.

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In the comments under the entry in his “Twitter” Newman notes that the most popular reason for the “refund” turned “the Game uninteresting”, and behind it — the “Poor performance”. It is a reasonable argument, honestly admits Newman.

It is curious that the message another guru responded “Early access” — Dean Hall (Dean Hall), the Creator of DayZ. Newman revealed that losses from returns of 6 %. Hall believes that 6% is quite low, so people in General like Rust.

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According to the statistics service SteamSpy, circulation Rust at the moment is about 5 500 000 copies. Because of the peculiarities of the algorithm SteamSpy likely not subtracts “refunds”.

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