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Russians driven under one hood

Россиян загоняют под еще один колпак

State Duma deputies have concerned the new law of intelligence is to determine the location of citizens by phone number without court approval.

The state Duma approved Wednesday the first reading of a bill allowing employees of operatively-search service request from the mobile operators geo-location information of missing persons without waiting for permission from the court.

Now to determine the location of subscriber with the sanction of the court required, but the expectation of such a paper could take hours, if not days. This precious time could be spent on successful search for the missing. So argued the need to adopt new norms the authors of the bill, which includes well-known senators Ludmila Bokov and Andrei Klishas.

The Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Tatyana Kasaeva, who also put his signature on the project, told colleagues at a meeting of the chamber, which in Russia every year, according to the interior Ministry, lost about 120 thousand people. Of these, approximately 45 thousand children. “About 90% of the missing at the time of disappearance have a mobile phone, which remains included in the first two or three days since the beginning of the search,” said Kasaev.

As for the search for missing children according to the location, the deputies, this problem is solved. Not so long ago adopted the law allows the investigators without a court decision already in the first day to begin the search. However, to determine the location of the missing child will be required to obtain the consent of parents or legal representatives.

A similar mechanism will now be applied to all of the people missing on the territory of Russia. The specific manner of providing operational services location data later will develop in the government. But it is already clear that such information security officers will be able to contact the operator on the basis of a reasoned view of one of the heads of investigative services.

At the same time the operator will require the consent of the subscriber, that he has no objection to the transfer of your personal data to third parties. How will the form and procedure for issuing such consent will solve in the Ministry of communications.

However, from the bill follows that the failure of the subscriber to disclose their data will allow the Telecom operator to refuse the conclusion of the contract for the provision of services.

In the state Duma not against the investigators had the right as quickly as possible to begin search for missing people. But some MPs are seriously concerned that the location data of mobile phone users for the money will “leak” to anybody. Or the security forces themselves start to track the movement of those citizens who are of interest to them, but for the spying that there was insufficient evidence.

“Then do nothing about finding people, and just have the unconditional right services to get information about any citizen who even will not lost. Why do it?”, — wondered in the course of the discussion, “SR” Valery Hartung. But Kasaeva assured that we are talking about finding missing people.

“We have not been canceled, the guarantee of the inviolability of private life”, — doubted the need for the bill and the liberal-Democrat Sergey Ivanov. Although, according to him, telecoms operators are already “providing such services and report in case of query, where there were people that looked at what the site was.”

Despite this, in the state Duma demanded that the law appeared clear safeguards against the use of personal data for illegal purposes. However, the MPs do seem to understand that in the current situation they are unlikely to give someone.

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